Missing in Florida, The Concerning Disappearance of Sara Ebersole

Sara Gail Ebersole is a young mother who disappeared from Reddick, FL, on the night of March 2nd, 2023, after leaving work and catching a ride with strangers.

Missing in Florida, The Concerning Disappearance of Sara Ebersole
Sara Gail Ebersole

On the night of March 2nd, 2023, a young woman named Sara Gail Ebersole finished her work as a dancer around 07:00 p.m. She reached out via text to her sister Michelle asking her for a ride if possible, but unfortunately, her sister; was unable to pick her up at the time.

Fifty minutes later, Sara texted her sister again to talk with her child to check and say Hi. And at 10:11 p.m., she sent her sister another text message informing her that two random individuals, whom Sara referred to as cowboys with a pickup truck, would most likely give her a ride wherever she wanted to go. And so she took the chance.

The following day, Michelle tried calling Sara, but the call went straight to voice mail; she almost immediately knew something wasn't right.

And the situation only got more tense as Sara's roommate messaged Michelle asking if she had heard from Sara. And this to Michelle would raise a red flag and worry her more than enough, as for her, she knows her sister would most likely always responds to her phone.

According to Michelle, the roommate tried to report Sara as missing on the same day, but the police said she had to wait for a week to see if Sara would come back. But unfortunately, she didn't.

Sara Ebersole was seen on surveillance camera, leaving a Circle K gas station; located at 17980 N Highway 441 in Reddick, Florida.

Last Known Footage of Sara Ebersole

According to Marion County Sheriff's Office, Sara willingly left the gas station in a black pickup truck accompanied by two unknown males.

Tracing her phone's last ping indicated that it was last located in the Orange Grove area in Polk County.

And there hasn't been any activity on her social media or contact with anybody since.

However, soon enough, the two men who picked up Sara were identified and had already been cleared by Law Enforcement.

According to Dateline, Officer Zach Moore, the Public Information Officer of the Marion County Sheriff's Office, the investigators believe Sara was last seen in the early hours of March 3rd, entering a blue sedan. However, no further updates have been shared publicly as of now. Officer Moore also said that; there hasn't been evidence indicating foul play yet.

Michelle Tullis, Sara's sister, has devoted most of her time; dedicated to the battle for her niece. She pointed out various times through social media that; the relationship that Sara had been through with the ex-boyfriend 'the father of their child' was allegedly of a long abuse history. Further stating, that his past actions were allegedly troubling, according to public information.

In an article by Kyani Reid for Dateline, Michelle Tullis stated that she would never stop looking for answers and that she would track down whoever hurt her sister.

Michelle is willing to do anything for her niece, who just turned five. She has filed a custodianship for her against the ex-boyfriend.

As of May 26th, Michelle has been trying to raise money for the case with DCF to obtain an attorney.

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If you would like help in any way, do your diligence in researching the case, you can find more information on this case by visiting the Facebook page here:

Help Find Sara Ebersole
Help Find Sara Ebersole. နှစ်သက်သူ ၁၆၁ ဦး · ၁၆၉ ဦး ဒီအကြောင်းပြောနေသည်. Information and awareness regarding missing mother Sara Ebersole
Help Find Sara Ebersole Facebook Group

Sara Ebersole is 26 years old, Caucasian, five-foot-one, 120 pounds, and has blue eyes and brown hair. She also has a tattoo on her lower right hip of the fertility deity, Kokopelli, last seen wearing a white tank top and a black skirt.

Sara Ebersole Photograph
I want to add a personal viewpoint. Upon researching this case, I visited Sara's Facebook page, and I couldn't help but notice how almost every picture she had was of her so joyous with her daughter. And it really, at least to me, showed how much pure love she had for her. And it is very saddening as a case.

An open investigation is still ongoing.

Wish for her safe return.

No child should ever have to spend a Birthday without their mother.

If anyone has any information about Sara Ebersole's disappearance, please, contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office at (352) 368-3508.

Sister dedicated to finding answers in the March disappearance of Florida woman, Sara Ebersole (nbcnews.com)

Marion County Sheriff's Office Facebook

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