Jessica Lynne Masker, We Still Remember

Jessica masker's case is a heartbreaking one; a young mother of two children, who disappeared and never had a chance to say her goodbyes. Let us hope she is somewhere safe.

Jessica Lynne Masker, We Still Remember

Nothing is ever more inconsolable than losing someone without answers, not knowing where they are and how they feel, stuck in a limbo of mourning, and hoping for a closure you think may never come. I can only imagine the pain this family has been going through ever since that fateful morning of April 15th, 2013.

Jessica Lynne Masker

It has been almost a decade since the Masker family lost their beloved daughter. But despite the pain and uncertainty, they have never given up hope on finding her alive or bringing her justice. They have also kept her memory alive in their hearts and minds. The story of Jessica Masker is a very sad one. It is the story of a 24-year-old single mother of two young children who disappeared suddenly, leaving devastation in the hearts of many who cared.

When I decided to create this website, there was this one reason that went through my mind; this reason was to create a legacy to be remembered by. Find a purpose to give me meaning. But upon researching for a case to start with. I realized there is nothing more noble and meaningful than to try to speak for those who can't and that it was never about me. Those who deserve a legacy are those who suffered the most, the victims, their families, and the children who might have never had a chance to create those memories that they own the right to. They deserve at least closure and something to remember their loved ones with. They deserve our support by any means.

Call it a strange coincidence, if you will. But, yesterday turned out to be Jessica's birthday, March 18th, 1989, making her 34-year-old at the time of writing this. According to, Jessica's sister Christina described her sister in a podcast called 'catch my killer' as a loud, outgoing person everyone knew and loved. Her family would often call her by her nickname Jessie.

As a young girl, Jessica was the life of the party, and everyone loved to be around her. She struggled throughout her early life due to partial deafness in one of her ears. And, alas, throughout her later life, breaking up from a relationship and struggling to maintain any job. An Indy single mother pursuing her GED with the hopes of turning her life around for her two sons and making them proud, her second son was just two months old on the day of her disappearance.

But before this new chapter of her life, there loomed an influence of severe depression caused by the urge to redefine her life and the sense that she was the sibling who was always in trouble and not in luck with success.

Being so vulnerable at the time and introduced to drugs made it difficult for her to control her life the way she would and matters only got worse as Jessica became involved in a relationship with a man twice her age, who was very controlling and abusive. Causing many disputes over the last period before her disappearance.

Unfortunately, her use of drugs affected every aspect of her life; her sister mentioned on the 'catch my killer' podcast that one time Jessica called her freaking out in a gas station, in a state of panic. Taken to a hospital for detoxing, she argued that she was drugged and that a Hispanic man was after her.

She also mentions how after this incident and her release from the hospital, unfortunately, within that same day, she was abused by her ruthless boyfriend, who locked her in a room and beat her with a belt. Dropped at her mother's house, she pleaded for painkillers, and when her mother refused, she revealed her body covered in bruises.

On April 14th, 2013, the day before her disappearance, she had been involuntarily committed to a hospital after possibly overdosing on prescription drugs. And we also know that just days before this incident, Jessica was taken to the hospital when her abusive boyfriend violently assaulted her; he was arrested for battery then and released soon after. Her sister Christina stated that the Maskers believed foul play was involved, but due to Jessica's drug habit, the investigators had chosen not to believe so. But what happened that morning on April 15th, 2013?

Jessica's aunt drops her off at her cousin's home, where she plans to spend most of the day. At 3 a.m., Jessica decided to leave and head down to a nearby gas station by the end of East Washington Street after an argument between her and her cousin.

Jessica called her brother and told him that some people 'came at her wrong' and that she wanted him to come and pick her up, but he couldn't at the time and suggested she ask the mother; however, she never did, and instead called her boyfriend at the time asking him for a ride back home, but according to the boyfriend, Jessica said that she was going to walk down east Washington street and meet him there.

And unfortunately, no one ever heard from her again.

Jessica Lynne Masker is never forgotten as long as many of us; who do care about her case. And although it never had the coverage it deserved.

I am confident that her family's determination will keep her story and memories out there, inspiring many others who suffered from such unfortunate events.

People like her who never had the chance to spend time with their loved ones deserve to be remembered by everyone as heroes, as do their children who missed a lot of their love.

And no matter how it ends, she will always be honored by your remembering of the good memories she left behind.

Everyone acknowledges your pain.

People of Indianapolis, please share this message, bring awareness to the case, and support her family by any means possible. Communities can make a difference!

Below is a link to a Facebook event to help hang flyers for Jessica, please consider joining!

Your help is really appreciated!

Walk to hang flyers for Jessica Masker
SAT, AUG 19 AT 11:30 AM EDT

Missing Person Case (

Reward! Where is My Sister Jessica Masker | Facebook

Episode 91: Jessica Masker by Catch my Killer | Podchaser

You can find more information on the case here:

Missing: Jessica Masker | Indianapolis, IN | Uncovered

You can also help the family by supporting the case at:

REWARD- Missing Person Jessica Masker, organized by Christina Masker
We are starting this go fund me to help with a reward to help solve my sister … Christina Masker needs your support for REWARD- Missing Person Jessica Masker

And of course, if anyone has any information about Jessica Lynne Masker's disappearance, please contact Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department's Missing Persons Unit at 317-327-6160 or, or they can contact Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana at 317-262-TIPS (8477).

Jessica Masker’s family holds a balloon release on her birthday, 10 years after her disappearance
Masker disappeared April 15, 2013, just weeks after giving birth to a son. Police say she walked out of her cousin’s Indianapolis home and her family hasn’t seem her since.

Happy Birthday, Jessie!

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