“Seeking Truth and Helping the Voiceless Is My Only Cause”

Welcome to the Daily Tattle, where I share with you my passion for uncovering the truth and meaning behind everything.

“Seeking Truth and Helping the Voiceless Is My Only Cause”

Welcome to the Daily Tattle, where I share my passion for uncovering cases that matter.

I have always been intrigued by the concept of helping those who need their voices to be shared. Unfortunately, many can't. Sometimes their stories are shared behind headlines as content purposed for entertainment. I find it distasteful.

I have done extensive research learning about the dark side of human psychology. However, I believe that these stories should only be shared to help serve the victims justice and share awareness regarding these tragedies in the hope of connecting the dots.  

Together we will explore Unsolved cases and I invite you to share the effort to make the difference you can. Whoever you are, I hope you find something here that will educate, captivate and challenge you.

The heading statement must be honored and followed thoroughly by utilizing in-depth means of research and having a genuine willingness to expand the knowledge without speculations.

The victims as not subjects, they have/had a life, and stories they shared with their loved ones. We all share the same goal of finding out the truth. Using ethical standards in research, let us pursue knowledge and meaning and write for those who seek answers and respect the power of thinking.

We are all searching for something. And in that search, we find ourselves. And we discover what we are capable of, our true beliefs, and what truly matters to us. It is a journey that never ends and one we all must undertake; if we are to live a meaningful life.

Join Author Rustin H S, also known as Wynter Northfield of HubPages, as I try to uncover the truth behind the darkness.

I hope to make a positive impact, even on just a single individual. That will be enough for me, at least to give me purpose.

You can find my old articles here: Rust H. S. on HubPages

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