Vera Eddy, Where Are You? A Girl Missing from Mesa

The search for 14-Year-Old Vera Eddy, missing from Mesa, Arizona, is ongoing. Her mother believes her to be located near the Ocean Beach neighborhood of San Diego.

Vera Eddy, Where Are You? A Girl Missing from Mesa
Vera Emma Eddy

14-Year-Old Vera Emma Eddy has been missing from Mesa, Arizona, since April 17th, 2023. She was last seen walking near N Stapley Dr & E Brown Rd after she left her home wearing a pastel shirt and black pants.

As reported by the police, Vera might be attempting to meet up with her biological mother, Ms. Dubois, who lost custody of Vera over twelve years ago.

Vera stands 5 feet, 4 inches tall, and weighs 120 pounds. She has blond hair and hazel eyes.

Mrs. Steffan fears her daughter Vera is allegedly being taken by her non-custodial biological mother, supposedly, kidnapped, as she shared her concern on social media, updating from time to time with the lack of progress on the case.

She also said that her daughter was last sighted in California across the state line from her home state of Arizona.

According to Mrs. Steffan's post, Vera was taken from her biological mother at two years old, allegedly due to child neglect; however, that is something that I cannot confirm, as I have no evidence supporting this claim.

Vera has been diagnosed with Autism, PTSD, and ADHD, so accordingly, it is critical to understand the potential effects of how such comorbidity might have affected her decision-making. possible aspects which might have played a role be the aggravation of specific autism symptoms by PTSD, such as maladaptive coping strategies which include risk-taking and avoidance, besides impulsive decisions could occur due to hyperactivity associated with ADHD, along with the aspect that traumatic events could cause abrupt changes in usual routines.

Mrs. Steffan believes that her daughter Vera is probably located near or around the Neighborhood of Ocean Beach in San Diego County, California, with the biological mother.

The last update came from the 5th, of May, mentioning that there still hasn't been any progress or recent sighting of her daughter Vera.

One can't imagine what her family must be going through. And they need your support in sharing their message.

Her well-being is a source of great concern to everyone, especially her mother.

I have been trying to reach out to the family to get more information, and by all means, I fully understand what they must be dealing with.

Vera's disappearance left us with little information about the events that might have caused Vera to run away.
But, media awareness, especially in California, must do their best to help locate her quickly.

Very little is known about the backstory, at least, that I could tell of the situation regarding the relationship between Vera, her biological and adoptive parents.

Mrs. Steffan expressed her frustration with the direction in which the case is progressing. Furthermore, she previously added in a Facebook post update that on the 23rd of April, she received several pictures of her daughter's whereabouts along with the biological mother. She believed that the situation of her daughter's disappearance was being taken lightly by the department, as they consoled her that Vera was just with the biological mother.

Nevertheless, the only thing that matters is for Vera; to be safely located as soon as possible using the means of media coverage; because no family should ever have to go through this, let alone a teen, especially when possibly developmental disorder might play a role; she must always be within a safe and predictable environment.

In each story, so many aspects, realities, and questions remain unknown; but this is the side of the story that I am aware of; The case of Vera deserves much urgency in media coverage to help find her and ensure her safety.

The perspective and intentions of the biological mother are unknown to me. And I must reiterate that this is just the alleged information I could gather, and I am unsure if more details might reveal themselves soon after.

But if this is the case, I hope that there comes the part of a resolution and a mutual understanding from the biological mother to thoughtfully do the best for Vera, and for her to realize that it is never a good idea for Vera to be a runaway, assuming that it is the case, but rather to find common ground and make the right decisions for Vera without breaking any law or risking her mental health.

I sure hope wherever she is that she might happen to come across this article, please do the right thing for Vera, try to communicate for her to return home safely, and everything can be sorted out and fixed in time with arrangements and good planning.

Source: Facebook post

Vera's safety is the only priority!

If you have any information on Vera's whereabouts, please call the Mesa Police Department at 480-644-2211.

Alice Steffen
?????My daughter is missing????? ???????KIDNAPPED??????They are In California, after crossing state lines from our home state, AZ Update 5/03/23- i don’t know what to do anymore.. no one is telling...
Mrs Steffen's Post

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